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Molly Sumridge

Molly Sumridge is a PhD student at the University of Exeter, as well as an instructor of Anthrozoology at Carroll College and dog behavior consultant in Helena MT. Her professional interests focus on primitive/ancient dogs, and behavior modification for dog sports and pet aggression. Her research focuses include human-animal relations and relationships specific to domestication, primitive/ancient dogs, non-traditional companion animal relationships, and dog sports.

Molly leads the canine program in the Carroll College Anthrozoology department, in which students train and care for foster dogs during the academic year. Her courses focus on research, training, canine ecology, cross-cultural human-canine relationships and conflicts, working dogs, and critical analysis of human-animal interactions and relationships. When she is not teaching or consulting she is up to her eyeballs in research working on a PhD in Anthrozoology, focused on discourse involving the labeling of dogs, specifically New Guinea singing dogs.

While the intersection of all things human and non-human animal is her love and her life, Molly grounds herself through her loving husband, calamitous cat, patient parrot, spicy snakes, a flock of charming chickens, and a cast of colorful canine characters.