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Companion animal bereavement

Companion animal bereavement

The EASE team has just been awarded a grant from the Society for Companion Animal Studies for a project exploring how best to support children following the death of a companion animal. More information about the project will be posted soon!

Survey participants required!

Did you share your childhood home with companion and/or support animals?

If so, we would be very grateful if you could complete our survey.

The primary purpose of this research is to explore the experiences of individuals regarding childhood loss of a companion or support animal and to consider if there are measures which might benefit children in similar situations in the future.

Many of the questions in the survey are open ended to enable you to share your stories and experiences in as much detail as you choose. Your answers to the survey will be used to inform the project findings and may be used anonymously in project outputs. All information that you provide will be treated anonymously. At no stage will you be identifiable and your data will not be shared with other parties. Your participation in this study is entirely voluntary. You are under no obligation to take part and you may stop at any time. If you stop before completing the survey your information will not be saved. All data will be stored securely in adherence with GDPR guidelines and permanently deleted following completion of the research.

This study has been reviewed and approved by the University of Exeter’s SSIS Ethics Committee. For further information, please click this link.

If you wish to discuss the research and/or your involvement in more detail, please contact the research project lead: Professor Samantha Hurn.

This survey asks potentially emotive questions around pet death. If you would like to seek free and confidential support, please contact the Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Support Service.

Please feel free to share the survey widely.