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Tails from the Streets - Phase 3: ‘Dingoes Inside the Fence’

To continue our exploration of the ways in which humans around the world live with and perceive canids in ‘free’ and captive settings, EASE recently embarked on phase 3 of the Tails from the Streets project. 

'Dingoes Inside the Fence' explores the world of dingo rescue and pet-keeping in New South Wales, where dingoes are considered native fauna, persecuted as pests and kept as pets. 

During a period of fieldwork in July 2018, the project team (Chris Calvert, Jess Groling, Kate Marx, Alexandra Onofrei and Emily Stone) visited dingo sanctuaries, breeding facilities and the private homes of dingo pet-keepers in Sydney and surrounding areas, documenting the relationships between dingoes and the people who variously care for them. 

Further research will follow in autumn 2018