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Egenis members

Egenis' research projects are grouped into four broad strands that are each lead by a key researcher. As an interdisciplinary institute, Egenis has fellows that are research-active in multiple strands.

Professor Giovanna Colombetti Mind, Body and Culture
Professor John Dupré Biology and Cross-Species Intersections
Professor Ginny Russell and Dr Hannah Farrimond Health and Illness
Professor Sabina Leonelli Data Studies and Knowledge Processing
Professor Susan Molyneux-Hodgson Responsible Innovation in Practice
Dr Celso Alves Neto Lecturer in Philosophy 
Dr Gemma Anderson Research Fellow
Dr Sally Atkinson Lecturer in Sociology
Dr Tyler Brunet Research Fellow
Dr Jose Canada Research fellow
Dr Daniele Carrieri Lecturer
Dr Angela Cassidy Senior Lecturer 
Dr Paola Castano Rodriguez Research Fellow
Dr Arely Cruz-Santiago Research Fellow
Dr Adrian Currie Senior Lecturer in Philosophy
Professor Giovanna Colombetti Professor in Philosophy
Professor Gail Davies Professor in Human Geography
Professor Tia DeNora

Professor (Sociology of Music)

Dr Julien Dugnoille Senior Lecturer in Anthroplogy
Dr Hannah Farrimond Senior Lecturer in Sociology
Professor Des Fitzgerald Associate Professor of Sociology
Professor Regenia Gagnier Professor of English
Dr Shane Glackin Senior Lecturer in Philosophy
Dr Stephan Guttinger Lecturer in Philosophy
Dr Jean Harrington Research Fellow
Professor Sarah Hartley Associate Professor in Management
Professor Christine Hauskeller Professor
Professor Stephen Hinchliffe Professor in Human Geography
Professor Samantha Hurn Associate Professor in Anthropology
Professor Elena Isayev Professor of Ancient History and Place
Dr Joel Krueger Senior Lecturer in Philosophy
Dr Rebeca Lynch lecturer 
Professor Mike Michael Professor (Anthropology and Sociology)
Dr Silvia Milano Lecturer
Professor Susan Molyneux-Hodgson Professor in Sociology
Dr Nitzan Peri-Rotem Lecturer (Sociology and Q-Step)
Prof Robin Pierce Professor
Professor Brian Rappert Professor of Science, Technology and Public Affairs
Dr Musarrat Maisha Reza Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences
Professor Angelique Richardson Professor
Dr Tom Roberts Senior Lecturer in Philosophy
Professor Ginny Russell Associate Professor in Sociology
Professor Michael Schillmeier Professor of Sociology
Dr Astrid Schrader Senior Lecturer
Dr Ernesto Schwartz-Marin Lecturer in Sociology
Dr Alexander R. E. Taylor Lecturer in Communications
Dr Niccolò Tempini Senior Lecturer
Dr Virginia Thomas Research Fellow
Dr Adam Toon Senior Lecturer in Philosophy
Dr Rose Trappes Research Fellow
Professor Katharine Tyler Associate Professor
Professor James Wakefield Professor of Integrative Cellular Biology
Dr Kirsten Walsh Lecturer in Philosophy
Professor Harry G West Professor of Anthropology
Dr Sam Wilkinson Senior Lecturer in Philosophy
Dr Hugh Williamson Research Fellow
Dr Dana Wilson-Kovacs Senior Lecturer
Professor Caroline Wright Professor in Genomic Medicine
Dr Özlem Yilmaz Research Fellow

Florian Abraham

PhD researcher

Necmiye Akcali

PhD researcher

Juan Diego Bogota

PhD researcher

Maria Dede

PhD researcher
Jennie Hayes PhD researcher

Kane Baker

PhD researcher

Elinor Jones

PhD researcher

Elis Jones

PhD researcher
Ahmet Karakaya PhD researcher
Aimee Middlemiss PhD researcher

Elena Sharratt

PhD researcher

Sawako Shinomiya

PhD researcher

Ric Sims

PhD researcher

Benjamin Smart

PhD researcher
Christina Terberl PhD researcher
Sarah Thubron PhD researcher
Professor Orkun Soyer Professor of Molecular Biology University of Warwick
Professor Rachel Ankeny Professor of Philosophy University of Adelaide
Dr Deborah Robinson Honorary Artistic Research Fellow University of Exeter
Dr Maren Heibges Research Fellow Technical University Berlin
Professor Ann-Sophie Barwich Associate Professor Indiana University Bloomington
Dr Maurizio Meloni Senior Research Fellow University of Sheffield
Dr Staffan Müller-Wille Lecturer in History of Life, Human and Earth Sciences University of Cambridge
Sara Peres Research Fellow University of Southampton
Professor Paul Griffiths External Fellow University of Sydney
Dr Anne Sophie Meincke Research Fellow University of Vienna
Dr Dan Nicholson Assistant Professor of Philosophy George Mason University
Dr Lorenzo Beltrame Honorary Associate University of Exeter
Chee Wong Egenis Centre Administrator & Executive Assistant to SPA
Alfiya Yermukasheva PHIL_OS project Administrator