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Dr Shane Glackin

Senior Lecturer (Philosophy)

Amory B350


OFFICE HOURS: Wednesday 10.00-11.00, Thursday 10.00-11.00,  via Zoom.


Research interests

My research work is primarily concerned with the intersections of ethics, legal and political philosophy, the philosophy of language and linguistics, and the philosophy of biology and medicine. I see these as closely-intertwined aspects of a general philosophical anthropology,  clustered around the so-called “fact/value distinction”, and I aim to investigate what it is to be human through the prism of what I take to be an inherently public sort of phenomenological normativity which permeates human experience.


Following a B.A. and M.Litt at Trinity College Dublin, I received my Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Leeds in 2008. I also hold a Masters in Legal Science from the National University of Ireland. I have previously lectured in Philosophy at the University of Leeds, the University of Warwick, and Oxford Brookes University.

My research is primarily concerned with the so-called "fact-value distinction"; in particular I am currently interested in the interaction between evaluative claims about human well-being and scientific claims about human biology in the philosophy of medicine, and in the evolution of human normative institutions such as public language. More generally, my concern is with the way that the ethical, political, and legal value-claims typical of modern liberal democracies shape and respond to the findings of biological, medical, and other sciences.

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