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Careers and employability

Studying Philosophy, Anthropology, Criminology and Sociology gives you an excellent all-round education and provides you with skills attractive to employers and relevant for a wide range of careers.

You will learn to understand other people’s points of view, to communicate your own position clearly and to argue effectively. You’ll also learn to collect, assess and present evidence and to work independently and in groups. Depending on your interests you may also gain valuable life skills by becoming involved in voluntary work, studying abroad or undertaking a work placement.

Our programmes are demanding and encourage initiative and open mindedness, helping to ensure that you’ll be well equipped with a range of academic, personal and professional skills that will prepare you for future employment.

Our students have gone on to successful careers in many sectors. See our What can I do with my degree pages for the most popular career destinations: 



Sociology and Anthropology

Careers service

We have a dedicated, award-winning Careers Service ensuring you have access to careers advisors, mentors and the tools you need to succeed in finding employment in your chosen field on graduation. We offer the Exeter Award and the Exeter Leaders Award which include employability-related workshops, skills events, volunteering and employment which will contribute to your career decision-making skills and success in the employment market.

Student Engagement

There is also a Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology Society where academic talks and career events take place. Past events have been with the British Red Cross, the Police and the BBC.

I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer in Exeter and worked as an intern for a Charity in London called Citizens UK; I am currently looking to build a team in Exeter to focus on similar campaigns. This will all help me to improve my career prospects after graduation as employers now look for extra-curricular activities as well as a degree to find an applicant who already has transferable skills and has shown a hunger to get experience.

James, studying Sociology and Criminology