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Photo of Professor Joel Krueger

Professor Joel Krueger

Associate Professor (Philosophy)


01392 723304

Amory 320

I work on issues in phenomenology, philosophy of mind, and cognitive science (e.g., embodied cognition, emotions, social cognition, and psychopathology). I also have interests in Asian and comparative philosophy, philosophy of music, and pragmatism.

More information, including copies of my publications, can be found here: 

>phil papers
>google scholar

I am an Associate Editor of Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences. 

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Research interests

  • Phenomenology and philosophy of mind
  • Philosophy of cognitive science
  • Embodied cognition
  • Phenomenological psychopathology
  • Emotions
  • Social cognition
  • Philosophy of music
  • Asian and comparative philosophy
  • Pragmatism

Research supervision

I am happy to supervise PhD or MA by Research students working in the following areas:

  • Phenomenology -- especially Merleau-Ponty, as well as topics such as intentionality, intersubjectivity, self-consciousness, embodiment, empathy, and phenomenological methodology
  • Phenomenology and philosophy of cognitive science -- especially 4E (embodied, embedded, enactive, extended) approaches to topics such as emotions, social cognition, and collective intentionality  
  • Philosophy of psychiatry and phenomenological psychopathology --  especially 4E approaches to psychiatric disorders and self-disturbances in psychopathology
  • Philosophy of music -- especially embodied and situated approaches to music cognition, perception, and emotions 
  • Asian and comparative philosophy -- especially Japanese Kyoto School philosophy (Nishida, Watsuji, Nishitani)

Information about our PhD programmes, funding, and application process can be found here.

Modules taught


I came to Exeter in autumn 2013.

Previously, I was a Research Fellow in the Department of Philosophy, Durham University, where I was part of an interdisciplinary project investigating auditory verbal hallucinations (Hearing the Voice). Before that, I was a Research Fellow at the Center for Subjectivity Research, University of Copenhagen. I did my Ph.D. in Philosophy at Purdue University, my M.A. in Philosophy at San Francisco State University, and my B.A. in English at the University of California, Davis. For a while I thought about being a poet until I realized I was terrible at it.

I grew up in Southern California near San Diego. I still go back yearly to visit my parents, flail around on my long-neglected surfboard, and get horrendously sunburned. And also eat lots of fish tacos.

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