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Photo of Dr Cecilia Meneghini

Dr Cecilia Meneghini

Lecturer (Criminology)

I am a Lecturer in Quantitative Criminology in the SPSPA department and part of the University of Exeter Centre for Computational Social Science (C2S2). I am interested in researching organised forms of crime, serious violence and criminal networks by means of quantitative methods, especially longitudinal and network-based approaches. My current research focuses on the application of dynamic network approaches to study the diffusion of serious violence, and on the integration between spatial and relational methodologies to analyse instances of illegal governance.

You can find me on X/Twitter: @CeciMeneghini

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Research interests

Organised crime, violence diffusion, criminal networks, illicit markets, life-course criminology, peer effects, quantitative methodologies, longitudinal methodologies. 


Prior to joining the University of Exeter, I was a Research Associate at the Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge. I hold a Master’s Degree in Economic and Social Sciences from Bocconi University (Milan) and a PhD in Criminology from the Catholic University in Milan awarded in 2021. While completing my PhD, I worked as a researcher at Transcrime, the joint research centre on transnational crime of the Catholic University in Milan, where I collaborated on different international projects on the topics of organised crime and transnational trafficking.

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