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Photo of Dr Jose Canada

Dr Jose Canada

Research Fellow

Lazenby House G.01

Jose A. Cañada is a multidisciplinary social scientist with an emphasis on Science & Technology Studies (STS). They joined SPA in 2021 as a MSCA, having developed their research career at the University of Helsinki, where they earnt a PhD in 2018. Their research has especially focused on studying knowledge production and material practices associated with socio-technical controversies and a variety of policy issues, working on topics such as antimicrobial resistance, pandemic preparedness and response, biobanking and the development of water infrastructures. Currently, they study the production of scientific knowledge around different environmental threats to marine ecosystems in the Mediterranean and the Baltic Sea.

Research interests

During their career, Jose A. Cañada has worked in a wide range of topics related to the social aspects of science and technology: public controversies, identity, social movements, public infrastructures, water distribution, pandemics, global health, risk and security, governance, biobanks, public and stakeholder engagement, knowledge production, and policy implementation. In a wider academic sense, Jose is interested in Science & Technology Studies, feminist epistemologies and critical social theory. More recently and their current project, they are focusing on more-than-human aspects that emerge in relations between human and nonhuman animals, and the environment, with a special focus on how different experiences and worldviews need to coexist in achieving environmental sustainability.

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