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Overcoming the Knowledge to Action Gap

1 August 2021 - 31 March 2023

PI/s in Exeter: Professor Matt Lobley

CI/s in Exeter: Dr Rebecca Wheeler, Professor Michael Winter

Research partners: LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) and FERA

Funding awarded: £51294

Sponsor(s): Forest Research

About the research

This project is based on observations from previous studies indicating that land managers (including farmers) are aware of the tree pest and disease threats and issues they might face, but sometimes lack the ability to translate this knowledge into action (mitigation, treatment, recovery etc.). This is due to a difficult information “landscape” which is challenging to navigate and apply to specific contexts. For this project, we aim to develop interventions and strategies effective in closing the knowledge action gap, and to test and evaluate the effectiveness of such interventions.


The tree health community has not always managed to effectively connect with farmers on such issues. We therefore aim to improve our understanding of the different types of farmer audiences of relevance to tree health,  and to investigate their awareness, needs and interests etc. This will help us co-develop an effective solution / intervention with research partners and end users.