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The Impact of Social Purpose Organisations on Skills and Training

1 August 2011 - 31 August 2013

PI/s in Exeter: Professor Matt Lobley

CI/s in Exeter: Professor Michael Winter

Funding awarded: £ 55,000

Sponsor(s): South West Forum, Big Lottery Fund

About the research

Social Purpose organisations (SPO's) play an increasingly important role in the provision of skills and employment activities. With food and agriculture becoming major issues in the contemporary economy of the area (Okehampton) and with the recent closures of food business in the area, research in to the economic impact of skills and training interventions by SPO is timely. Objectives of the research are as follows: To identify SPO's delivering social purpose activity designed to improve the skills and employment prospects of individuals in the Okehampton area of Devon, particularly in relation to agri-food, land and environmental sectors. To identify and quantify the impact of such interventions on individuals that benefit from skills enhancement activities and training. To identify and quantify the economic and wider socioeconomic impact at the community level.  

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