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Global Access to Research Software

1 January 2016 - 31 March 2016

PI/s in Exeter: Professor Sabina Leonelli

Funding awarded: £ 2,889

Sponsor(s): Global Young Academy

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Global Access to Research Software

About the research

Project Aims and Objectives

Scientific and policy discussions around Open Science foster the development and implementation of research communication strategies that are inclusive, effective, and conducive to collaboration and discovery across fields and locations. The Working Group on Open Science aims to inform current transformations in publication systems, institutions and technologies by (1) garnering and voicing young researchers’ views on which scientific outputs should be disseminated, how, to whom and with which expectations; (2) investigating the challenges and opportunities involved in implementing Open Science mandates across highly diverse research environments; (3) promoting Open Science mandates across the GYA membership and collaborators.

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