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Dr Taline Artinian

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Taline Artinian is a philosopher and psychologist with extensive academic and clinical experience. She holds a PhD in philosophy and an MA in clinical psychology and psychopathology. Her interdisciplinary work has focused on questions of identity and the challenges of a meaningful engagement with the world.

Her current research explores the philosophy and phenomenology of gratitude, its role in our understanding of the good life and its place in environmental ethics. Her research interests also include the philosophy of psychedelics, experiences of interconnectedness in altered states of consciousness and ethics of decolonization.

Taline is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK. She is an Honorary Research Fellow in philosophy and a medical humanities provider at the Medical School, University of Exeter.

Research interests

The philosophy and phenomenology of gratitude
Transpersonal gratitude
Ethics of decolonization
The philosophy of psychedelics
Experiences of interconnectedness in altered states of consciousness

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