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Health and Illness

Strand leader: Ginny Russell & Hannah Farrimond

Researchers in the Health and Illness cluster have a wide range of interests relating primarily to the development and application of innovative health technologies to human health. Projects within this cluster tend to have significant impact, and researchers are keen to work with external partners on examinations of developments aimed to improve human health.

We take technologies to include not only instruments and scientific practices, but also regulatory structures, techniques, and practices, such that this stream encompasses widely the sociology of diagnosis in which the group currently holds an ongoing reading group that meets regularly. The group is affiliated with a number of research clusters across the UK and internationally. We advise a number of European bodies. Our research is primarily sociological, but also encompasses social psychology, science and technology studies, and human development – we embrace and explore interdisciplinarity. Currently funded projects include a project funded by Cancer Research UK to explore how Stop Smoking services in the UK are responding to Vaping; Ethical harmonization in European Clinical Trials using stem cells to repair heart disease; sociological investigation of the mainstreaming of genomics in the NHS; and investigations of diagnosis in society and medicine, taking autism spectrum disorder as a case study. We have a range of other projects under development and are particularly interested in involving interested patients and publics with our research.

Regulating Umbilical Cord Blood Biobanking in Europe

Christine Hauskeller
European Commission (H2020)
2015 - 2017

Exploring Diagnosis: Autism and the Neurodiversity Movement

Ginny Russell
Wellcome Trust
2015 - 2020

Gender stereotypes in ADHD diagnosis

Ginny Russell
Wellcome Trust
2015 - 2015

One Day Symposium: Bridging the gap between the Sociologies of Diagnosis and Intervention

Susan Kelly
Foundation for the Sociology of Health and Illness
2012 - 2012

Prediabetes family study

Hannah Farrimond
Richard Benjamin Trust
2011 - 2012

Understandings of Type 2 Diabetes in 'at risk' families

Hannah Farrimond
Richard Benjamin Trust
2010 - 2012