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Workshop launch for Data Science network

Philosophers and scientists came together for an exploratory workshop about data-intensive science, with the aim of establishing a network of researchers looking at the role of data and the forms of data practices in research-intensive science.

"What is data-intensive-science?", organised by Prof Sabina Leonelli, was held in Exeter in December. The interdisciplinary workshop was a launch event for the ERC-funded project DATA_SCIENCE. It involved the research team Niccolo Tempini and Gregor Halfmann, the advisory board for the project, and other collaborators with world-leading expertise on data-related research.

The workshop began with a presentation by Prof Leonelli on the current stage of development of her work on the philosophy of data, and on the project and its context. Among the overarching goals of the project are investigating how data are handled across disciplines and identifying and exploring cases of data re-use. The objectives of the workshop were: to discuss relevant dimensions of data-intensive science from empirically informed perspectives on specific target disciplines; to identify key research themes; to explore the potential for cross-disciplinary comparisons, and to discuss potential contributions by participants to an edited volume provisionally entitled Comparative Perspectives on Data-Intensive Science.

What Is Data-Intensive Science? workshop report.