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Sample of Recent PEG Outputs

Journal Articles


Adam C, Fernández-i-Marín X, James O, Manatschal A, Rapp C, Thomann E (2021). Differential discrimination against mobile EU citizens: experimental evidence from bureaucratic choice settings. Journal of European Public Policy28(5), 742-760. 

Baele S, Brace L, Coan T (2021). Variations on a theme? Comparing 4chan, 8kun, and other chans’ far-right “/pol” boards. Perspectives on Terrorism15(1). 

Farrimond H (2021). Stigma Mutation: Tracking Lineage, Variation and Strength in Emerging COVID-19 Stigma. Sociological Research Online, 136078042110315-136078042110315. 

James O, John P (2021). Testing Hirschman’s exit, voice, and loyalty model: citizen and provider responses to decline in public health services. International Public Management Journal24(3), 378-393. 

Lee IP, Jilke S, James O (2021). Do More Options Always Benefit the Users of Public Services? an Experimental Study of School Choice, Performance, and Satisfaction. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION REVIEW81(1), 110-120. 

Massoumi N (2021). The Role of Civil Society in Political Repression: the UK Prevent Counter-Terrorism Programme. Sociology55(5), 959-977. 

Skinner S (2021). Inciting Military Disaffection in Interwar Britain and Fascist Italy: Security, Crime and Authoritarian Law. Oxford Journal of Legal Studies

Toller L, Farrimond H (2021). The unpredictable body, identity, and disclosure: Identifying the strategies of chronically ill students at university. Disability Studies Quarterly41(2). 

Wilkinson K, Ball S, Mitchell S, Ukoumunne O, O'Mahen H, Tejerina-Arreal M, Hayes R, Berry V, Petrie I, Ford T, et al (2021). The longitudinal relationship between child emotional disorder and parental mental health in the British Child and Adolescent Mental Health surveys 1999 and 2004. Journal of Affective Disorders288, 58-67. 

Wilkinson K, Day J, Thompson-Coon J, Goodwin V, Liabo K, Coxon G, Cox G, Marriott C, Lang IA (2021). A realist evaluation of a collaborative model to support research co-production in long-term care settings in England: the ExCHANGE protocol. Res Involv Engagem7(1). 

Wilkinson K, Gumm R, Hambly H, Logan S, Morris C (2021). Implementation of training to improve communication with disabled children on the ward: a feasibility study. Health Expectations24(4), 1433-1442. 

Wilson-Kovacs, D., 2021. Digital media investigators: challenges and opportunities in the use of digital forensics in police investigations in England and Wales. Policing: An International Journal.

Wilson-Kovacs, D., Rappert, B. and Redfern, L., 2021. Dirty Work? Policing Online Indecency in Digital Forensics. The British Journal of Criminology.


Baele S, Brace L, Coan T (2020). The "Tarrant Effect": What Impact Did Far-right Attacks Have on the 8chan Forum?. Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression 

Baele S, Brace L, Coan T (2020). Uncovering the Far-Right Online Ecosystem: an Analytical Framework and Research Agenda. Studies in Conflict and Terrorism 

Christensen J, James O (2020). Reporting multiple dimensions of public service performance: information order effects on citizens' willingness to use services. PUBLIC MANAGEMENT REVIEW 

Coopmans C, Rappert B (2020). Data journeys in art? Warranting and witnessing the ‘fake’ and the ‘real’ in art authentication. In  (Ed) Data Journeys in the Sciences, 371-388.  

Dymond A, Corney N (2020). COVID-19, Consent and Coercion: New United Nations Guidance on Less Lethal Weapons in Law Enforcement in the context of the coronavirus. European Journal of International Law: EJIL Talk.

Horvath L, Banducci S, James O (2020). Citizens’ Attitudes to Contact Tracing Apps. Journal of Experimental Political Science, 1-13. 

James O, Jilke S (2020). Marketization reforms and co‐production: Does ownership of service delivery structures and customer language matter?. Public Administration98(4), 941-957. 

Rappert B, Wilson-Kovacs D, Wheat H (2020). Rationing Bytes: Managing Demand for Digital Forensic Examinations. Policing and Society: an international journal of research and policy31, issue 1, 52-65. 

Wilson-Kovacs D (2020). Effective resource management in digital forensics: an exploratory analysis of triage practices in four English constabularies. Policing43(1), 77-90. 


Baekgaard M, James O, Serritzlew S, Ryzin GGV (2019). Citizens’ Motivated Reasoning About Public Performance: Experimental Findings from the US and Denmark. International Public Management Journal 

Bjornstad G, Wilkinson K, Cuffe-Fuller B, Fitzpatrick K, Borek A, Ukoumunne OC, Hawton A, Tarrant M, Berry V, Lloyd J, et al (2019). Healthy Parent Carers peer-led group-based health promotion intervention for parent carers of disabled children: protocol for a feasibility study using a parallel group randomised controlled trial design. Pilot and Feasibility Studies5(1). 

Baele S, Bettiza G, Boyd K, Coan T (2019). ISIS’ clash of civilizations: Constructing the ‘West’ in terrorist propaganda. Studies in Conflict and Terrorism 

Baele SJ, Brace LG, Coan TG (2019). From "Incel" to "Saint": Analyzing the violent worldview behind the 2018 Toronto Attack. Terrorism and Political Violence 

Baele SJ, Coan T, Boyd K (2019). Lethal Images: Analyzing Extremist Visual Propaganda from ISIS and Beyond. Journal of Global Security Studies  

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Dymond A (2019). Towards a socio-technical understanding of discretion: a case study of Taser and police use of force. Policing and Society: an international journal of research and policy 

Jakobsen M, James O, Moynihan D, Nabatchi T (2019). JPART Virtual Issue on Citizen-State Interactions in Public Administration Research. JOURNAL OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION RESEARCH AND THEORY29(4), E8-E15. 

James O (2019). Manufacturing Political Trust. JOURNAL OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION RESEARCH AND THEORY29(2), 369-372. 

Massoumi N, Miller D, Mills T (2019). ON THE FRONTLINE: is there any alternative to the Prevent counter terrorism policy?. Discover Society 

Massoumi N, Mills T, Miller D (2019). Secrecy, coercion and deception in research on ‘terrorism’ and ‘extremism’. Contemporary Social Science 

Mills T, Massoumi N, Miller D (2019). The ethics of researching ‘terrorism’ and political violence: a sociological approach. Contemporary Social Science15(2), 119-133. 

Rappert B (2019). Leaky revelations: Commitments in exposing militarism. Current Anthropology60(S19), S148-S157.  

Wilkinson K, Boyd K, Pearson M, Farrimond H, Lang IA, Fleischer D, Poole A, Ralph N, Rappert B (2019). Making sense of evidence: using research training to promote organisational change. Police Practice and Research20(5), 511-529.  

Wyatt D, WilsonKovacs D (2019). Understanding crime scene examination through an ethnographic lens. WIREs Forensic Science1(6). 


Boyd KA, Farrimond H, Ralph N (2018). The impact of breathalysers on violence and attitudes in the Night Time Economy. European Journal of Criminology

Dymond A (2018). ‘Taser, Taser’! Exploring factors associated with police use of taser in England and Wales. Policing and Society.  

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Lloyd HM, Pearson M, Sheaff R, Asthana S, Wheat H, Sugavanam TP, Britten N, Valderas J, Bainbridge M, Witts L, Westlake D, Horrell J, & Byng R (2017). Collaborative action for person-centred coordinated care (P3C): an approach to support the development of a comprehensive system-wide solution to fragmented care. Health Research Policy and Systems, 15(1), 98.    

Wilkinson K, Boyd K, Pearson M, Farrimond H, Lang IA, Fleischer D, Poole A, Ralph N, Rappert B (2017). Making sense of evidence: using research training to promote organisational change. Police Practice and Research, 1-19. 

Books and Chapters


Dymond A (2022). IN PRESS Electric-shock Weapons, TASERs and Policing: Myths and Realities., Routledge.


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Skinner SJ (2021). Interactions of Criminal Law and Ideology in Early 20th-Century Fascism and Democracy. In Glaser H (Ed) Law and Ideology, Nomos


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Dymond A & Omega Research Foundation (2018). Monitoring Weapons and Restraints in Places of Detention: A practical guide. This contains the Monitoring Weapons and Restraints in places of detention: Pocket Guide‌, as a checklist for use in the field.Boyd K,


Boyd K, Farrimond H, & Fleischer D (2017). Evaluation Report: #RU2Drunk Pilot in Weymouth, Dorset.


Dymond A (2016). Use of Force Reporting Practices: Findings from a survey of UK police forces. Report for the NPCC and Home Office.  National Police Chief's Council,  London, National Police Chief's Council.

ExPERT 'Making Sense of Evidence' Workshop materials:

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