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Listen to Prof Harry West talk about the new MA Food Studies programme


People engage with food in many different ways. Food is the substances that we consume to sustain our bodies. It is the basis of economic livelihoods for a vast number of people worldwide. The way food is produced has profound implications for our environment. And food is a means through which people communicate their identities, relationships and emotions.  

Researchers and students at the University of Exeter study all of these dimensions of food, and more. Interest in food is found throughout the university, with expertise in every college and on each campus.

The Food Studies Network facilitates the sharing of information about the study of food, including news of food-focused teaching, lecturers, seminars, workshops, conferences, and research opportunities and outcomes.

Network membership is open to university staff and students, as well as partners with whom we collaborate in teaching and research. Interested members of the public may also subscribe to our email list. Contact: