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Nicola Drew

I chose the MA in Anthrozoology at the prestigious University of Exeter because it offers a unique opportunity to study a relatively new and exciting discipline that critically evaluates the relationships between human and nonhuman animals. As a Registered Veterinary Nurse, my medical knowledge of animals needs to be comprehensive for my work but the MA allowed me to reflect on the differing social and cultural contexts in which veterinary medicine and healing is practiced. As a result of my Anthrozoology studies, I was able to encourage debate with colleagues about long-established conventions in veterinary practice to improve the welfare of animals committed to our care. The MA is superb in that it offers a huge degree of flexibility and I could tailor much of the course to my own personal interests. I also received some incredible support from both staff and fellow students which made the task of juggling busy life in practice with postgraduate study more bearable!  Having a passion for the wellbeing of animals, I wrote my thesis on animal cruelty from the ‘anthrozoological gaze’, where I challenged the reader to consider a new and more comprehensive definition of cruelty by analysing some everyday taken-for-granted practices involving nonhuman animals.  I was proud to receive a Distinction grade for my degree and to be able to publish some of my work in the form of an academic paper in a peer-reviewed journal.  The course inspired me so much to continue studying that this autumn I will be embarking on PhD research in my hometown of York. Try Anthrozoology at Exeter – you won’t be disappointed!