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Angi Millwood MA Student, Anthrozoology

Angi has more than 20 years of experience in zoos and aquariums. She frequently assists clients with every aspect of running successful animal management programs and teaches both basic and advanced animal training workshops to professionals and aspiring trainers. In 2009, Angi founded an international animal behavior consulting firm, Precision Behavior, which focuses on positive interactions between animals of all species and their human caretakers. To learn more about Precision Behavior, visit: and

A passionate advocate of positive reinforcement training and animal welfare, Angi wrote and produced the documentary, Elephant Trainer in the Room, completed in 2016. Current zoological clients include The Florida Aquarium, Zoo Miami, The Atlantis Resort, Merlin Entertainments and many others. Previous to Precision Behavior, Angi was a Manager of Marine Mammals at the Atlantis Resort in Dubai, a member of Disney's Animal Kingdom's opening team, and the Animal Training Coordinator at the Fort Worth Zoo, responsible for the Zoo's animal training programs for more than 350 animal species. Angi served as a Course Instructor for the AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) professional courses: Animal Training Applications in Zoo and Aquarium Settings and Meeting Your Institutional Goals Through Program Animals. She has presented numerous papers and workshops at professional conferences worldwide and in 2005 received the prestigious Animal Welfare Advancement Award from the ABMA (Animal Behavior Management Alliance).

Angi is currently a postgraduate student studying Anthrozoology at the University of Exeter. Her research interests center around the impact a variable ratio schedule of reinforcement utilizing secondary reinforcers have on the human-animal relationship in an animal learning paradigm.