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Jes Hooper

I am a member of the IUCN SSC Small Carnivore Specialist Group, and the founder of The Civet Project Foundation, a charity dedicated to the protection of Viverridae species (civets, binturong, genets, linsang and oyans).

Interested in trade networks and the human-animal relationships that form in virtual and physical spaces, my research focusses on the trade of civets for gastronomic, tourism, and conservation industries. My thesis title is “Civets in Society: What The Viverridae Family Can Teach Us About Disappearance in the Anthropocene” which is a multi-species ethnography of contemporary human-civet relationships.

My research draws from anthropology’s “animal turn” and is inspired by multispecies and transdisciplinary scholarship. My work has been supported by several funders including the Culture and Animals Foundation, the Mohamed Bin Zayed Conservation Fund, and the KONE Foundation, and has been disseminated in various forms including art exhibitions, scientific journals, conferences, seminars, and edited book volumes. For a full list of works please visit my ResearchGate and to see the impact of my research please visit