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Undergraduate Module Descriptor

SSI1006: Data Analysis in Social Science 1

This module descriptor refers to the 2020/1 academic year.

Indicative Reading List

This reading list is indicative - i.e. it provides an idea of texts that may be useful to you on this module, but it is not considered to be a confirmed or compulsory reading list for this module.

Argesti, Alan and Finlay, Barbara. 1997. Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences, 3rd edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Ayres, Ian. 2007. Super Crunchers: How Anything can be Predicted. New York: Bantam Dell.

Dalgaard, Peter. 2002. Introductory Statistics with R. New York: Springer.

Dilnot, Andrew and Michael Blastland. 2007. The Tiger That Isn't: Seeing Through a World of Numbers. London: Profile Books Ltd.

Imai, K. 2016. A First Course in Quantitative Social Science. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

Pollock, P. 2012. The Essentials of Political Analysis. 4th ed. Washington: CQ Press.