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Programme Specifications

Programme Specifications (UG and PG)

Programme Specifications (UG and PG)

Programme Specifications (UG and PG)

What is a Programme Specification?

Every programme of study has a Programme Specification, which is a formal document describing:

  • what you are expected to learn on the programme (the learning outcomes)
  • how you will learn it
  • how your learning will be assessed
  • and how the criteria used to assess your learning are aligned to the learning outcomes.

Each academic year, each programme publishes a new edition of its Programme Specification, which is written for the new students of that year.

Which Programme Specification applies to me?

For the duration of your study you should refer to the programme specification of the academic year in which you began (or will begin) studying.

For students commencing study in September 2022 or later

If you are a prospective student who will begin studying in September 2022 or later, you can refer to specifications for 2021/22, but please bear in mind that these will be a guide only and are subject to change for the year in which you will begin studying.

Programme Specifications for 2022/23 will be published here in August 2022.