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Anthropology Postgraduate Modules 2018-19



The module details in this section are only applicable to students who studied them between September 2018 and August 2019.

If you intend to study one of these modules from September 2019 or later, you may refer to these descriptors as a guide; but please be aware that details they contain – including (but not limited to) reading lists, duration and assessments – may change for your academic year.

Code Module Title Credits Term(s)
ANTM002 Permaculture and Gardening with Nature 15 1, 2 and 3
ANTM003 Theory and Methods of Food Preservation 15 2
ANTM004 Food and Agriculture in Historical Perspective 15 1
ANTM021 Food, Body and Society 15 1
ANTM100 The Animal Mirror: Representations of Animality 15 3
ANTM102 Anthrozoology: Theory and Method 30 1
ANTM103 Applied Anthrozoology 30 1
ANTM104 Family Hominidae and Other Primates 15 2
ANTM105 Humans and Wildlife: Conflict and Conservation 15 2
ANTM106 Representation of Animals Through Religion 15 2
ANTM107 Anthrozoology Residential 15 3
ANTM109 Animal Criminology 15 2
ANTM110 The Horse-Human Dyad 15 3
ANTM904 Dissertation 60 3